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Animation Dump - 11/23   
Over the course of November I’ve been working on small personal animations and posting them to youtube. I’m planning on continuing making short personal animations going forward so I thought it’s a good idea to compile them here.     

So below are 4 animations I ended up finishing in November, I’ll hopefully have another 4 in a month's time, no promises though haha.

Preview image of the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 3D fan art, doubles as a link to the article
[ART - BRC Environmen ] - 3D fan art for the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.                                  
Preview image for the Diabolus Mini map being made for Doom 2, it shows a screenshot from the map editor, doubles as a link to the article
[MAP - DOOM 2] - A new Diabolus Ex styled map for Doom 2 designed for the gameplay mod Hideous Destructor is in development
Preview image for the Dev log of Deep blue, shows a WIP gameplay screen, doubles as a link to the article
[Dev Log ] - The 3rd dev log for Deep Blue is now available