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Diabolus mini - DOOM 2 
"Diabolus mini", I probably won't call it that when I release it, is my take on a close quarters level like it's obvious inspiration "Diaboluis Ex". Using the same textures and some of the same map assets I wanted to create a level that would do the original justice. My main focus was on making a map that both wraps around on itself while also being full of alternative routes and secretes, you might miss them you don't look around every corner. It was a goal of mine to full the map with enough content that you could play it 2 or 3 times and still find unique and new ways to progress through it.

Making elements of the map anticipating how players may progress through it with the mod Hideous Destructor was also important. Being able to breach doors, crawls through small spaces, and remote control drones which was obviously not in the original doom needed to be taken into account. I'm still working on creating enough level gimmicks that give people the option to take advantage of Hideous Destructor's mechancis, but I think for those that do they'll have an interesting time haha.

Preview image of the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 3D fan art, doubles as a link to the article
[ART - BRC Environmen ] - 3D fan art for the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.                                  
Preview image for the Wave Survival map pack being made for Doom 2, it shows a screenshot from the map editor, doubles as a link to the article
[MAP - DOOM 2] - A Wave survival map for Doom 2 that's now in development
Preview image for the Dev log of Deep blue, shows a WIP gameplay screen, doubles as a link to the article
[Dev Log ] - The 3rd dev log for Deep Blue is now available