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Wave Survival Map Pack (WSMP) is, well technically can you call it a collection if it only has 3 maps? We'll just say you can. WSMP is a collection of wave survival maps I've designed for doom. While you can play it Vanilla, or with any mod, the difficulty has been balanced around somewhere between Vanilla and the total conversion mod "Hideous Destructor". By this I mean an experienced Doom player should be able to beat the levels in this map pack without too much trouble playing Vanilla doom, however with Hideous Destructor loaded I think anyone but the best of the best will have a hell of a time clearing all 9 waves for each map.

Each level has been designed with the original Doom monster pathfinding in mind, no matter where you go the monsters will still be able to get to you sooner rather than later. Items spawn around the maps at the start of each round and monsters will come from set doors. After each wave a supply room will open until the player starts the next wave. Pretty simple stuff, each level has a gimmick or too to keep it intresting, such as paths you can temporarily block off or hazards you can deploy to help you.

After some more testing I'll release the first version of the map pack, featuring a single map (ok I really don't think I can call it a map pack with one map), with more to follow sooner or later.

Preview image of the Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 3D fan art, doubles as a link to the article
[ART - BRC Environmen ] - 3D fan art for the game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.                                  
Preview image for the Diabolus Mini map being made for Doom 2, it shows a screenshot from the map editor, doubles as a link to the article
[MAP - DOOM 2] - A new Diabolus Ex styled map for Doom 2 designed for the gameplay mod Hideous Destructor is in development
Preview image for the Dev log of Deep blue, shows a WIP gameplay screen, doubles as a link to the article
[Dev Log ] - The 3rd dev log for Deep Blue is now available